november 2018

Company’s Pre-Construction Manager is BMX Championships’ contender

Andy Lee may be relatively new to ME Construction as a Pre-Construction Manager but he’s a well-known ‘Team GB’ rider on the BMX racing circuit.

In July, Andy, who’s been racing BMX bikes for some six years, competed in the European Championships (on 12th - 13th July in Roskilde, Denmark) and in the World Championships (23rd - 27th July, in Rotterdam, in The Netherlands).

Having reached the quarter finals of the 2012 World Championships, injury meant that Andy had to sit-out all of the 2013 BMX racing season – which runs from March to September.

This year, despite an injured shoulder, Andy, who’s sponsored by Thrill UK, qualified for the European and World Championships through achieving a sufficient ‘rank’ in the 2014 British national series. He made it to the ‘eighths’ in this year’s World Championships.

“I got into riding BMX bikes when I was a child but I only took up the sport a few years ago when some old friends – with whom I’d re-connected via Facebook – suggested that I get involved,” said Andy, who’s looking forward to this season’s finale: the British Championships, which are being held in Gravesend.

“I train six days a week and race most weekends,” added Andy who, this year, has been racing in Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark and Switzerland. “Thankfully, when it comes to ME Construction, I can do some of my work remotely – and Peter McCullagh (who heads up ME Construction’s Estimating Department) has been very tolerant so far!”

Next year, Andy is due to move up in BMX racing terms – out of the ’40 – 44’ age group. So, as one of the youngest in his new category, he has high hopes of doing even better in next year’s British, European and World Championships.