november 2018

Pathology Unit refurbishment at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

The Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust has commissioned ME Construction to begin work on the company’s fourth project for the hospital.

This time, the project – valued at just over £762,000 - involves building a new pathology laboratory area and associated ancillary areas, office areas and meeting room. There are two phases to the project, as ME Construction’s project manager, Chris Hughes, explained.

“The first phase, which lasts for six weeks, is mainly decorative but the second phase – scheduled to last 11 weeks – sees us demolish the area’s dry lined partitions,” he said. “Then, we rebuild the offices, each separated by glass partitions. After that, we turn our attention to the laboratory, providing new tables, each equipped with power, data and sinks – among other things.”

In addition, in the corridor between the offices and laboratories, Chris and his team are installing an eye-catching light wall.

“Obviously, work continues in the pathology unit, ’24/ 7’,” said Chris. “So we have to carry out all our tasks while working around, and among, all the unit’s staff. Indeed, that ability to carry out our work efficiently, effectively and without disrupting anyone else is a key part of ME Construction’s business proposition – and the firm’s continuing success.”

The Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust prides itself that pathology specimens are tested, on site, with fast turnaround times - with most results being available within 24 to 48 hours. The department's services include:
• Histology and cytology, including smear testing
• Microbiology
• Haematology, including full blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and coagulation tests
• Biochemistry, including thyroid functions, urea and electrolyte, lung function test and tumour markers
• Serology, including auto antibodies and rheumatoid tests

The department also carries out tests for complex prostate specific antigen, rapid tuberculosis and brain natriuretic peptide.