Heritage & Conservation

Conservation projects are a specialist area of ME Construction’s expertise. Our team is proficient in both the theory and practice on conserving buildings as well as having a deep understanding of the materials used in their restoration. We fully understand the site risks and the necessary approach for this type of work. In particular, the use of non-destructive inspection techniques can save time and avoid unnecessary damage through areas being opened up for inspection.

When working on historic buildings, we give particular consideration to:

  • Becoming thoroughly familiar - during the pre-contract period - with relevant specialist techniques
  • Assessing the operational fire risk - and taking all appropriate preventative steps
  • Considering and preparing for any specialist insurance risks
  • Salvaging and re-using existing materials as far as is practicable
  • Establishing any areas, items or artefacts that require special protection
  • Making adequate enquires to identify the availability of any requirement for the inclusion of historic materials
  • Ensuring specialist sub-contractors workforces have the necessary skills to carry out the work to our demanding standards.

Repairing and conserving historic buildings is a highly specialist and important area of work, requiring a thorough understanding of both traditional and new technology. We know how to manage and integrate the various required specialist teams effectively. This ensures that the correct sequence of work is maintained - thus ensuring the project’s success.
We appreciate how important it is to undertake in-depth surveys of old buildings and to maintain detailed records throughout this process. We:

  • Make arrangements to carry out a detailed dilapidations' survey, to record the condition of the works prior to commencement
  • Pay special attention to scaffolding needs and protection measures. Our scaffolding contractors have considerable experience of working on listed buildings and are fully briefed on site-specific needs
  • Investigate related environmental matters at an early stage. These environmental matters could include the care of bats, barn owls, newts and other creatures which are legally protected under the UK biodiversity action plan (BAP)