We implement our own quality management system which is monitored throughout all management levels of the Company and is consistent with the ISO9001, ME Construction are ISO9001 accredited.

We are committed to providing a quality service to both the client and the end user. Drawing on our many years of service we are used to dealing with the problems that arise, we feel that we have come across most problems and have successfully resolved these in the past. We have learnt from these, invaluable lessons and have progressed to a position that we can deal successfully with most, if not all, of these common problems efficiently.

Our aim is to eliminate all unnecessary defects long before completion and to learn from previously identified problems, to share the resolution and avoidance issues with the rest of the companies construction team.

Our Proposed Quality Management system will be implemented in three stages;

Pre Contract

  • We allocate the correct Project Management Team, based on the individual’s background and previous experience.
  • We agree KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) which provides us with a benchmark in delivering a high quality product and service. This is regularly reviewed and monitored.
  • We ensure that each and every sub-contractor meets with the company’s rigorous selection criteria. Sub-contractors are required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which assess their health and safety, financial standing, quality assurance procedures, commitment to the environment and their past project experiences..
  • A site specific quality plan is devised and agreed with the Project Team.

During Contract

  • We discuss quality issues on site through regular meetings with the Project Team and supply chain partners.
  • We monitor the agreed KPI’s on a monthly basis and report to all stake holders.
  • We issue Clients with Client Satisfaction Questionnaires.

Post Contract

  • Any findings from the KPI’s and Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire are analysed and documented.
  • We issue lists of defects to the appropriate sub-contractors and monitor the speed and efficiency with which these are resolved.
  • We have a directly employed Defects Team who are responsible for addressing any urgent, slow or sub-standard workmanship.
  • We have an internal snagging process which limits the number of defects on any of our projects. At the end of each project our Quality Assurance Manager assesses the workmanship with the Site and Contracts Manager.